Win the Interview Résumés

Resume Writing Process


A complimentary, in-person opportunity to meet with me, in which I will invite you to browse samples of my work. Through a review of my career documents, you will see first-hand the quality of work you can expect from me. This thorough meeting with you will ensure my work will be tailored to your specifications. I will devise a strategy for enhancing your personal brand.

I am available, by appointment only, to talk or meet in person during normal business hours. I am also available evenings and weekends.


After gathering your information through intake questionnaires and telephone interviews, I will craft the prose. My cover letters highlight your charisma, and allow your personality to shine through. The reader will get a clear understanding of your knowledge of the company, and your value proposition for the position you are applying for. The turnaround time from our initial meeting to reviewing a draft is one week.


Once you are satisfied, I will transmit your resume and cover letter electronically in a word document or a PDF.


To help prepare you for the important interview, I also offer interview coaching. With this additional service, I help you develop strategies to answer questions in a way that will highlight your qualifications and enhance your potential to get hired.